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Yama-kei Publishers co., Ltd. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Yama-kei Publishers Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "The Company") handles the personal information provided by its customers (hereinafter, "The Customer") properly in accordance with Japan's Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other norms as shown below. The Company also makes appropriate efforts to improve its handling of personal information.

1. Obtaining Personal Information

When obtaining personal information, The Company specifies and notifies or announces the purpose of use. The Company handles personal information in accordance with the purpose of use.

2. Purpose of Use, etc.

The Company obtains personal information required to carry on business associated with publishing and editing, sales, and online businesses, and this personal information is used for the following purposes.

  • Confirming the identity of The Customer
  • Enhancing and improving The Company's products and services and developing new products
  • Purposes for which the purpose of use is specified separately and for which The Customer's consent is obtained

3. Scope of Use

The Company may outsource some operations for the smooth implementation of its business and may provide personal information within the scope of the purpose of use to subcontractors. In such cases, The Company will monitor subcontractors' compliance with the handling of personal information, including execution of an agreement between the subcontractors on the handling of personal information.

4. Disclosure and Provision to Third Parties

The Company does not disclose or provide personal information to third parties, except when it provides such information to subcontractors described in "3. Scope of Use" and when any of the following apply.

  1. When the consent of The Customer has been obtained;
  2. When The Company discloses or provides personal information in a form that does not identify individuals, such as statistical data;
  3. When The Company is required to disclose or provide personal information based on laws and regulations;
  4. When The Company needs to disclose or provide personal information in order to protect human life and safety, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of The Customer;
  5. When The Company needs to disclose or provide personal information to cooperate with national or local authorities in carrying out public affairs and obtaining the consent of The Customer could impede the execution of such public affairs.

5. Retained Personal Data

When The Customer makes the following requests regarding his or her own information in the personal data retained by us, The Company will respond promptly within a reasonable timeframe and scope after The Customer has submitted the documents designated by The Company and The Company has confirmed that the person who made the request is The Customer. The Customer should note that in this case he or she may be required to pay the actual cost as a fee.

  • Disclosure of the content of information
  • Correction of some of the content of information
  • Deletion of some of the content of information
  • Discontinuation of the usage of information
  • Erasure of information

The Company would appreciate your understanding that in case of discontinuation of the usage or erasure of some or all information, The Company may no longer be able to provide services in accordance with The Customer's requests. In addition, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, please understand that The Company may be unable to respond to requests for disclosure, discontinuation of the usage or erasure.

6. Use of Cookies

A cookie is an ID (authentication ID) that The Company sends to The Customer's computer via a web browser (home page). The Company's home page system uses cookies to provide the ability to recognize The Customer's browser. Please refer to the explanation on accepting and refusing cookies, notifications, and turning off functions that can be found in the help sections of most browsers. If you turn off the use of cookies, you will no longer be able to use functions that make use of cookies.

Web beacons (also known as "clear gif") are technology that measures site and page access.

The Company uses such technologies to shorten re-entry on its website and smartphone apps, to display the optimal online advertising, to count the number of browsers looking at online advertising for each content, and to measure access. Cookies are able to identify The Customer's browser, but they cannot identify an individual customer. Web beacons are likewise unable to identify an individual customer.

Some of the advertisements on each of The Company's websites may use third-party distribution servers. In the same way, some of The Company's websites may use third-party measuring servers to measure site access. Such third-parties also use cookies and web beacons to measure access for the efficient distribution of advertising. These cookies and web beacons have been examined prior to use and confirmed to comply with The Company's standards for use. However, as the information is stored on the servers of third-parties, it is managed in accordance with the privacy policies of these third-parties. The third-parties concerned and the privacy policy of each of these companies are as below. The Customer may access the opt-out pages on the websites of the third-parties to turn off the use of cookie information, etc. in the distribution of advertising by the third-parties.

7. Privacy Policies of Third Parties using Cookies and Web Beacons on The Company's Website

8. Personal Information Customer Helpdesk

Please contact the following helpdesk if you have any inquiries about The Company's retained personal data.

General Affairs and Personnel Department, Yama-kei Publishers co., Ltd.
e-mail: info@yamakei.co.jp

*Depending on the nature of your inquiry, The Company may use following procedures to confirm your identity.

  • ID documents such as driver's license, passport, or health insurance card
  • A call back to the telephone number registered with The Company
  • Matching of information registered with The Company, including your name, address, telephone number, and credit card number, etc.


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