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Mt. Miyanoura Round Trip from the Yodogawa Trailhead

Summit Yakushima’s Highest Peak in One Day
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Yakushima is an isolated island located about 135 kilometers south of Kagoshima prefecture. It became Japan’s first (UNESCO) World Natural Heritage Site in 1993. Mt. Miyanoura (Miyanoura-dake), which towers over the central western part of Yakushima, is the tallest mountain in the Kyushu region and has been selected as one of the Japan 100 Famous Mountains. Although there are a number of routes to enjoy, including a traverse from the Jomon-sugi cedar with an overnight stay on the mountain, here we introduce a round trip from the Yodogawa Trailhead, the only day hike of Mt. Miyanoura. The Hananoego wetland located along the trail, Japan’s southernmost high moor, offers scenery reminiscent of a Japanese garden.

From the start of trail you will walk up and down a series of gentle slopes after the trailhead for about 50 minutes before arriving at the Yodogawa-goya mountain hut.After crossing the bridge over the Yodogawa River, you will arrive at a proper ridgeline trail that proceeds through the forest belt.

As you continue to ascend the trail, you will arrive at the Kobandake-tenbodai Observatory, which offers a view of Mt. Koban (Kohban-dake) and the large boulders, collectively referred to as Tofu-iwa rocks that sit on its peak.

Kohananoego, a small wetland, is located slightly below here.After proceeding further from here, you will arrive at the Hananoego, a wetland that resembles a Japanese garden, about 2 hours after leaving the Yodogawa-goya mountain hut.

After walking about 25 minutes from Hananoego, you will come to the Mt. Kuromi (Kuromi-dake) branch. Instead of heading for Mt. Kuromi, traverse the eastern side of the mountain before arriving at Nageishidaira (It takes around 40 minutes to Mt. Kuromi and back).

Ascend the trail, which traverses up and down the western sides of three mountains bristling with granite boulders; Mt. Nageishi (Nageishi-dake), Mt. Anbo (Anbo-dake), and Mt. Okina (Okina-dake).

After crossing over Mt. Kurio (Kurio-dake) and hiking all the way to the top of the trail through the bamboo grass, you will arrive at the peak of Mt. Miyanoura.

Take the same path back down the mountain.

Other Info

Kohananoego and Hananoego are Japan’s southernmost high moors.

The scenery created Hananoego’s carpet of moss, the surfaces of its pools of rain water and melted snow, and its bleached white trees gives the wetland a beauty like that of a Japanese garden.

High Season:April to June, September to November


Yakushima sees a lot of rainfall, so there is a need to prepare for carefully for rain.

Although Yakushima has a humid subtropical climate, the peak of Mt. Miyanoura is a subarctic zone due to the high altitude. As such, there is a need to be prepared for cold weather.

Please be aware that typhoons sometimes cut off access to the Yakushima from the Kyushu mainland from summer to fall.

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1Day / 10Hours
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On the Trail




Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen (Hot spring)




Yakushima is approximately 135 kilometers from Kagoshima prefecture in Kyushu, which is to the southwest of Tokyo. Kagoshima Airport is approximately a 2-hour flight from either Narita International Airport or Haneda Airport, approximately a 1.5-hour flight from Chubu Centrair International Airport, and approximately a 75-minute flight from Kansai International Airport.

After transferring at Kagoshima Airport, the flight to Yakushima Airport takes approximately 30 minutes. Alternatively, take a public bus from Kagoshima Airport to Kagoshima Honko Port. From there a high-speed ferry ride to Miyanoura Port takes approximately 2 hours.

From Miyanoura Port, take a public bus and get off at the Gochomae Bus Stop (Approx. 35 minutes). Transfer here to another bus and you will arrive at the Kigensugi Bus Stop (Approx. 70 minutes). From here, walk along the road for approximately 30 minutes to arrive at the Yodogawa Trailhead.



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