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Mountains in Okutama Area


The Okutama is the range of mountains located at the westernmost point of the Tokyo metropolitan area and within the Chichibu Tama Kai National Park. Many of mountains have trailheads that can be reached by a less then two-hour train ride from central Tokyo, and many hikers visit throughout all seasons.

At the westernmost end is Mt. Kumotori (Kumotori-yama), located on the border of the Tokyo metropolitan area, Saitama and Yamanashi prefectures. It is the only mountain in the range that soars above 2,000 meters in elevation. Along the Ishi-one Ridgeline extending eastward from Mt. Kumotori, mountains with relatively high elevation, including Mt. Nanatsuishi (Nanatsuishi-yama), Mt. Takanosu (Takanosu-yama) and Mt. Mutsuishi (Mutsuishi-yama) stand in a row, leading to Okutama station.

The Nagasawa Ridgeline (Nagasawa Hairyo) extending northeast from Mt. Kumotori acts as the Saitama prefectural border, having rows of mountains over 1,500 meters high including Mt. Mitsudokke.

Mt. Kawanori (Kawanori-yama) and the Three mountains of Takamizu (Takamizu-sanzan), located on the east side of the Nagasawa ridgeline, are popular among hikers for the ease of access from stations on the JR Oume line.

Mt. Mitake (Mitake-san), located on the south side of the Three Mountains of Takamizu across the Tamagawa River, has a cable car line, providing easy access for many tourists visiting shrines and lodgings on the summit.

Mountains standing in southwest direction from Mt. Mitake: Mt. Otake (Ohtake-san), Mt. Gozen (Gozen-yama) and Mt. Mito (Mitoh-san), are known as the Three Mountains of Okutama. The characteristic forms of each mountain have become the symbol of the Okutama mountain range.

The ridgeline extending southeastward from Mt. Mito continues on to Mt. Takao and Mt. Jinba area via Mt. Makiyose (Makiyose-yama) and Mt. Shoto (Shoutoh-san).


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