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Mt. Daibosatsurei, Mt. Koganezawa, Mt. Ushiokuno-gangaharasuri Traverse Route from Kaminikkawa-toge Pass

Hike on the traverse directly facing the view of Mt. Fuji.
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Mt. Daibosatsurei, Mt. Koganezawa (Koganezawa-yama) and Mt. Ushiokuno-gangaharasuri (Ushiokuno-gangaharasuri-yama) are a series of mountains running south to north, located in the northeastern part of Yamanashi Prefecture, and are a part of the Daibosatsu Peaks. Located inside the Chichibu Tama Kai National Park, Mt. Daibosatsurei is also selected as one of Japan’s 100 most famous mountains. This course introduces a scenic hiking route with a great view of Mt. Fuji, starting from Kaminikkawa-toge Pass to Mt. Daibosatsurei in the north, then proceeds southward on the ridgeline to Yamato Tenmokuzan Onsen (hot spring).

Kaminikkawa-toge Pass is equipped with Lodge Choubei, toilets, camping area and parking lots.

Hike up through the forest, and head in a northeast direction at the fork after Fukuchan-so mountain hut.

The surrounding forest will turn into a grass field with an open view, and the trail reaches the main ridgeline with a giant rock named Kaminari-iwa (literally, “thunder rock”), which is approximately an hour and 25 minutes from Kaminikkawa-toge Pass. Great views of Mt. Fuji can be enjoyed from the ridgeline.

Mt. Daibosatsurei, the highest peak of this route, is approximately 20 minutes round trip from here.

From Kaminari-iwa, proceed southeast on the ridgeline and hike up from the col named Saino-kawara where a shelter hut is, and hikers will reach Daibosatsu-toge Pass in approximately 40 minutes. A mountain hut named Kaizan-so that has a restaurant and a souvenir store, as well as a signboard with the place name and Jizo deity statue, can be found there.

Hike back up the trail through the forest to get to Mt. Kumasawa (Kumasawa-yama), then descend on a scenic ridgeline, and hikers will arrive at Ishimaru-toge Pass in approximately 30 minutes.

The gently sloping hiking trail through bamboo grass field eventually turns into a steep uphill through the forest and reaches Mt. Koganezawa in approximately an hour and 10 minutes, and Mt. Ushiokuno-gangaharasuri in approximately another 35 minutes away.

Proceed on the ridgeline through the grass field and into the forest, and Mt. Kuro-dake is approximately an hour away.

Hike through Shiroyano-maru, where giant rocks are scattered about and visibility improves, and descend a steep slope, the trail reaches Yunosawa-toge Pass, where the shelter hut is, in approximately 40 minutes. Another 40 minutes of descending will take hikers to the Yunosawa-toge trailhead.

Proceed on the forestry road along a mountain stream for approximately an hour and 10 minutes, the trail will reach Yamato Tenmokuzan Onsen hot spring.

Other Info

Daibosatsu-toge Pass is the stage of the beginning scene of a long novel with the same title, which was serialized in a newspaper for approximately 30 years in the early 20th century. The mountain hut on the route, Kaizan-so, takes its name from the author of the novel, Kaizan Nakazato. The main character of the novel is a fencer from the 19th century, and numerous Japanese swords and fencers appear in the 41-volume-long novel.

High Season:May and October to November


This route is a long traversing course that involves substantial walk-time. There are two escape routes that descend to the western side, one on Ishimaru-toge Pass and the other in Mt. Ushiokuno-gangaharasuri. Hikers are advised to suspend their hiking and utilize them in cases of bad weather or if feeling unwell.

Route Map

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1Day / 8Hours
Highest Point
2057m(Mt. Daibosatsurei)
Elevation Gain
Horizontal Distance
Skill Level
Fitness Level
Gear Level

On the Trail


Lodge Choubei, Fukuchan-so, Kaizan-so, Yunosawa-toge Shelter Hut


Yamato Tenmokuzan Onsen


Yamato Tenmokuzan Onsen




The peaks of Mt. Daibosatsurei and Mt. Koganezawa are located in the northeastern part of Yamanashi Prefecture. Take the JR Chuo Line’s rapid-service train from Tokyo Station to Shinjuku Station (approx. 15 minutes). From Shinjuku Station, transfer to the JR Chuo Line special express to get to Otsuki Station (approx. an hour). From Otsuki Station, take the JR Chuo Main Line to Kaiyamato Station (approx. 20 minutes).
From Kaiyamato Station, transfer to Eiwa Kotsu Bus to get to Kaminikkawa-toge Pass (approx. 40 minutes).
From Yamato Tenmokuzan Onsen, take the Eiwa Kotsu Bus to Kaiyamato Station (15 minutes).



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