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Snowless Mountains for Winter Hiking

Japan has both regions with heavy winter snowfall as well as those where it does not snow at all. Here we will introduce some hiking courses that can be enjoyed in the winter thanks to a lack of snowfall.

Broadly speaking, the areas of Japan with the heaviest snowfall are the northern island of Hokkaido and the side of the country that faces the Sea of Japan. Mountainous areas of the Tohoku region, Niigata Prefecture, and Nagano Prefecture on the Sea of Japan side have especially heavy snowfall, with some seeing as much as two meters of snow. In some years, the snowfall can exceed six meters. Hiking in areas like this requires proper winter hiking equipment. While the western half of Japan is warmer than its eastern half, high mountains on the Sea of Japan side of the country such as the Kuju Mountain Range (Kuju Renzan), the warmest of Japan’s main islands, can still see dozens of centimeters of snowfall.

The view of Mt.Fuji from Mt.Tonodake

The Greater Tokyo Area on the Pacific Ocean side of the country, meanwhile, sees little snowfall and many days of fair weather. Mt. Takao and the Tanzawa mountain range offer a clear view of a snowcapped Mt. Fuji. In the Kansai region, the area around the Rokko Mountains on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea rarely sees any snow accumulation, even in the winter.

Of course, even these areas have significant snowfalls a few times per year. There is also a danger of the trails freezing over. For this reason, you should always pay attention to the weather forecast before going hiking in the winter.

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