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Mt. Asahi Beginning at Sugatami-daira (Round Trip)

Use the ropeway to help you hike Hokkaido's highest peak.
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Rising in central Hokkaido, Daisetsuzan is the general name for a volcanic group of 2,000-plus meter peaks that includes Mt. Asahi (Asahi-dake), Mt. Hokuchin (Hokuchin-dake), Mt. Hakuun (Hakuun-dake), Mt. Hippu (Hippu-dake), Mt. Aibetsu (Aibetsu-dake), and Mt. Hokkai (Hokkai-dake). The trail we showcase here is a return trek up Mt. Asahi, the Daisetsuzan's highest peak, as well as the highest in all of Hokkaido. The trail features a ropeway, making it accessible even to those new to mountain hiking.

Follow the stone-paved path from the ropeway's Sugatami Station. In approximately 20 minutes you'll arrive at Sugatami-no-ike Pond. The main mountain trail starts once you pass the stone Asahidake-ishimuro stone hut, ascending a slope of reddish rocky section along a blown-out crater.

This intense environment is already above the tree line. It has little vegetation and is exposed to strong winds, so you need to take care with the weather. Once you pass a couple of large rock formations called Nisekinko-iwa Rock and Kinko-iwa Rock, the trail will bring you to the summit. As you approach, layers of igneous rock show evidence of multiple eruptions and ancient lava flows. When the weather is fine the summit has a sweeping view of the mountains of the Daisetsuzan range.

To return, retrace your steps to Sugatami-no-ike Pond and head for the Fourth observation point. Pass the Third observation point while taking in the beautiful view of Meoto-ike Pond and you'll arrive at Sugatami Station for the ropeway.

Other Info

Sugatamidaira and its environs burst into bloom in the summertime with alpine plants, and the plants' foliage turns stunning colors in the autumn. If you are lucky, you may spot wildlife like chipmunks and pikas. There are dining facilities both near the ropeway boarding station at the foot of the mountain and at the summit.

High Season:July to September
If you go to this trail outside of the best season, you should pay attention to weather and trail conditions, as the mountain is located in a snowy area; there may still be snow on the trail in June, and it may start snowing from September.


As gases rise from the crater due to volcanic activity, if the trail on that part of the trek happens to be downwind, you need to be careful of hydrogen sulfide fumes.

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1Day / 6Hours
Highest Point
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On the Trail


Asahidake-ishimuro stone hut (Shelter)


Asahidake Ropeway


Asahidake Onsen (Hot spring)




This hike is located in central Hokkaido. You can reach it with a two-hour flight from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Asahikawa Airport. From there you can take a regular bus to the Daisetsuzan Asahidake Ropeway Sanroku Station (Approx. 1 hour.)
Change to the ropeway to Sugatami Station (Approx. 10 minutes.)



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