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Mountains in Okuchichibu Area

The Okuchichibu area is the group of mountains that run from Tokyo’s highest mountain Mt. Kumotori (Kumotori-yama) on the eastern edge, to the west, acting as the border between the prefectures of Saitama and Nagano on the north and Yamanashi on the south. The mountain range is located within the Chichibu Tama Kai National Park.

The area west of Mt. Kumotori, around Mt. Hiryu (Hiryu-san), the Shogen-toge Pass and Mt. Karamatsuo (Karamatsuo-yama) is a relatively quiet mountain area with only a few hikers. However, the area south of Mt. Kasatori (Kasatori-yama) further west, where trails are well developed, is popular.

Furthermore, Mt. Kobushigatake, located in the northwest across the Karisaka-toge Pass, is selected as one of Japan’s 100 most famous mountains. With a mountain hut directly below its summit, many hikers visit the mountain.

To the southwest of Mt. Kobushigatake is the highest peak of the Okuchichibu area, Mt. Kitaokusenjo (Kitaokusenjo-dake), and one of the 100 floral mountains, Mt. Kokushigatake. The Odarumi-toge Pass directly below the summit is accessible by cars and buses, making reaching the summit easy to accomplish.

To the west of Odarumi-toge Pass are two of Japan’s 100 most famous mountains, Mt. Kinpu (Kinpu-san) and Mt. Mizugaki (Mizugaki-yama), both of which are very popular among hikers. Mt. Mizugaki and Mt. Ogawa (Ogawa-yama) on its north side are the mecca for rock-climbers worldwide.

The range also holds an important role as the source of major rivers in the main island of Japan. These include Japan’s longest river Shinano-gawa River, Tamagawa-gawa River, which serves as an important water resource for the metropolitan area, and one of Japan’s three fastest currents, Fuji-gawa River.


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