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About the Administrator

About Yama-kei Publishers Co., Ltd.

Yama-kei Publishers Co., Ltd. was founded with the hope to publish a mountaineering magazine that would be read by many people. In the more than 80 years since the launch of our flagship mountaineering magazine Yama to Keikoku (Mountain and Valley) in 1930, we have continued to publish magazines, field guides, calendars, and more in the fields of mountain climbing and hiking, skiing, outdoors, and nature.


About the Magazine “Yama to Keikoku”

This monthly mountaineering and hiking magazine, which has been in publication for nearly 90 years since its first issue in 1930, is an undeniable presence in the Japanese mountaineering and hiking world.
Each month, the magazine covers a broad range of mountaineering and hiking-related topics from multiple angles in features and series. These topics include information on mountains suitable for hikers of all ability levels, information on mountain ranges that are the aspiration of hikers across Japan such as the Japanese Alps, information the latest hiking tools and equipment, useful hiking skills and know-how, natural science, hiking culture, and more. (The magazine is published in Japanese only.)

About Yamakei Online

Launched in 2010, the Yamakei Online website provides mountaineers with a new source of information in addition to traditional magazines and books. (”Yamakei,” a portmanteau of “Yama to Keikoku,” is the nickname of the name of the magazine and the publishing company.)
Yamakei Online features a database containing more than 3000 Japanese mountains and over 3500 associated hiking courses, as well as trailheads, mountain huts, and more. It also offers the latest information on mountain conditions sent from mountain huts, visitor centers, and hiking guides across the country as well as daily news articles and columns recommended for mountaineers.
The websites has a number of other features that make it indispensible for mountaineers or hikers. These include an area where mountaineers can post their hiking records and photos, and view those of others, free hiking maps, and a service that automatically calculates course times when you drag your finger along a map.
(Services are only available in Japanese)




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