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Mt. Utsugi Round Trip from Ikeyama-one Ridge

Head for the white granite peak.
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    2Days / 11Hours
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Mt. Utsugi (Utsugi-dake) is located in the southern part of Nagano prefecture, and is one of the Central Japanese Alps mountains and also one of Japan’s 100 most famous mountains. Huge rocks of granite are scattered about on the ridgeline near the summit, and the eastern slope, known as Utsugi-daira, is home to various alpine plants.
Although there are other hiking trails; the traverse route connecting the northern mountains of Mt. Kiso-komagatake and Mt. Hoken (Hoken-dake or Hohken-dake) and the southern mountains of Mt. Minami-komagatake and Mt. Kosumo (Kosumo-yama) and the hiking route that starts from the western side of Kiso Valley (Kiso-dani), this course introduces the route that hikes up Ikeyama-one ridge from Komagane Highland (Komagane Kohgen) on the east side, which has easier access.

From Komagaike bus stop, walk on the roadway and enter the trail from the side of Komagane Kogen Ski Resort. The trail ascends the steep slope in zigzags through the forest, crossing and merging with the forestry road several times. The end of the forestry road is approximately an hour and 20 minutes away from Komagaike bus stop.

Ascend the slope through the forest, the trail reaches a fork known as Takauchi-ba. Take the left trail and proceed in a southwest direction, then traverse on the south slope of the ridgeline to get to Ikeyama-goya shelter hut, which is approximately an hour away from the end of the forestry road. There is a watering place nearby.

Go left at the next fork and proceed on to the south, and the trail starts to ascend in zigzags, until it reaches a flat ridgeline then an open space where hiking trails merge. Hike on through the ridgeline in the conifer forest, and the entrance to Ohjigoku (literally, “Big Hell”) is approximately an hour and 20 minutes from Ikeyama-goya.

Ohjigoku is a rough spot on the trail that passes on a narrow and rocky ridgeline, where staircases, bridge and chain-supported areas appear in succession. After passing through a traverse known as Kojigoku (literally, “Small Hell”) and proceeding on staircases and bridges, the trail turns into a gentle ridgeline and reaches the fork to Utsugi-daira in approximately an hour and 50 minutes from the entrance to Ohjigoku.

Proceed to the right at the fork, to a northeast direction along the ridgeline, and the trail eventually reaches above the tree limit, where granite rocks are scattered about in the stone pine belt. Komaho Hutte is approximately an hour and 10 minutes away, and Mt. Utsugi is approximately another 5 minutes away. The summit has a great view of the mountains of the Central Japanese Alps. Stay over at Komaho Hutte and return on the same route the next day.

Other Info

The most famous of the granite rocks scattered about on the ridgeline of Mt. Utsugi is Komaishi. It is a group of multiple giant rocks piled on top of one another, and hikers can climb up on top.

High Season:July to mid-October


Komaho Hutte is a mountain hut that local alpine clubs take turns in managing and is open for business from mid-July to mid-October. They do not offer a meal service and often run out of food supplies; hikers are advised to bring their own cooking utensils and food.

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2Days / 11Hours
Highest Point
2864m(Mt. Utsugi)
Elevation Gain
Horizontal Distance
Skill Level
Fitness Level
Gear Level

On the Trail


Ikeyama-goya, Komaho Hutte, Utsugidaira-hinan-goya


Komagane Farms






Mt. Utsugi is located in the southern part of Nagano Prefecture. Take the JR Chuo Line from Tokyo Station to Shinjuku Station (approx. 15 minutes). From Shinjuku Station, transfer to the JR Chuo Line’s special express to Okaya Station (approx. 2 hours 20 minutes). From Okaya Station, transfer to the JR Iida Line to get to Komagane Station (approx. 70 minutes).
From Komagane Station, switch to Ina Bus, and get off at Komagaike bus stop (approx. 10 minutes).



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