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Round Trip Hike of Mt. Kinpu from Mawarime-daira

Take a day hike to the top of a majestic mountain with a great mound of boulders towering at its peak.
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    1Day / 8.5Hours
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Mt. Kinpu (Kinpu-san) is located on the border of Nagano and Yamanashi prefectures, in the western part of the Okuchichibu mountain range, and lies within Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park.
Listed among Japan’s 100 most famous mountains, Mt. Kinpu is the second highest peak in the Okuchichibu mountain range.
The route featured here starts at Kawakami Village on the Nagano prefecture side. On your hike to the summit, you will pass through a rich array of changing scenery, including the rocky pinnacle of Mawarime-daira, the clear water of mountain streams, forests with scattered rhododendrons and mossy patches, as well as rock pine belts.

From Kawahake bus station, go right at the junction with the Kawakami-makioka Rindo forest road and in about 80 minutes you will arrive at Mawarime-daira.

Mawarime-daira, where there are numberless rocks, is popular as a rock climbing area as well as a place to camp. Here, you’ll find the Kinpu-sanso mountain hut, where you can bathe and get food, as well as a campground and parking area. Go beyond the parking area and hike along the unpaved road that follows the stream.

After about an hour of hiking from Mawarime-daira, the forest path ends and a hiking trail running along the left bank of the stream begins. The elevation gradually rises as you traverse this path.

When you reach the junction at Nakanosawa-deai with its dyke, take the mountain trail to your left. Cross a small bridge, then hike up a ridge through a conifer forest with a mossy underfoot and eventually you will rise above the treeline. Within about three hours of hiking from Mawarime-daira, you will arrive at Kinpousan-goya mountain hut. Along the trail, you can see patches of rhododendron degronianum, a plant species endemic to northern Japan which blooms around June.

From Kinpousan-goya, hike up a zigzagging path through a rock pine belt and in about 20 minutes you will reach the peak of Mt. Kinpu.

In the area of Mt. Kinpu’s peak, a massive pile of boulders called Gojo-iwa towers imposingly over its surroundings. The Gojo-iwa can be seen from the foot of the Mt. Kinpu and is a symbol of the mountain. You will also see a tori arch and miniature shrine which serve as the inner shrine for Kanazakura-jinja in Yamanashi prefecture.

For the return leg of your trek, simply repeat the same course in reverse.

Other Info

The rhododendrons which grow along this route are common in the western part of the Okuchichibu mountain range and typically bloom between the beginning and end of June.
The pink flowers of the rhododendrons draw the eye and contrast pleasingly with the green stalk portion of the plant.

High Season:May to November


Although this route can be done as a day trip, spending the night at the Kinpousan-goya beneath the peak allows you to enjoy your excursion at a relaxed pace. You can also take in such inspiring sights as the sunrise and the view of Mt. Fuji (Fuji-san). Since the Kinpousan-goya has a limited capacity, you must reserve in advance if you wish to stay.

Route Map

Elevation Map

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1Day / 8.5Hours
Highest Point
2599m(Mt. Kinpu)
Elevation Gain
Horizontal Distance
Skill Level
Fitness Level
Gear Level

On the Trail


Kinpu-sanso, Kinpousan-goya








This route is located in the western part of the Okuchichibu mountain range, on the border of Nagano and Yamanashi prefectures. From Tokyo Station take the Hokuriku Shinkansen to Sakudaira Station (approx. 75 minutes). From Sakudaira Station, take the Koumi Line to Shinano Kawakami Station (approx. 80 minutes).
From Shinano Kawakami Station, take the Kawakami Son’ei Bus to the final stop, Kawahake Bus Stop (approx. 35 minutes).



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