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Hiking Destinations for Flowering Mountains

Flowers first begin to bloom in the mountains in early spring when the air is still quite cold. Dogtooth violets, pheasant eye’s, and other spring ephemerals that announce the arrival of spring can be seen in the hills and lower mountains. Others such as plum blossoms and wintersweet come into bloom around February.

In April, the cherry blossoms begin to bloom. Mountains near populated areas such as Mt. Takao and the Tanzawa mountain range are a great way to casually enjoy wild cherry blossoms.

Starting in May and early summer, the azaleas come into bloom. Azalea habitats such as the Kuju Mountain Range offer hikers the sight of entire mountainsides carpeted in their colorful blooms.

Miyamakirishima (the Kyushu Azaleas)
in the Kuju Mountain Range

Alpine flowers, which come in an impressive variety of colors, begin to bloom in the Yatsugatake Mountains and the Japanese Alps starting from late June. Try selecting one of the many courses popular for their fields of alpine flowers, such as Mt. Hakuba, the Karasawa Cirque, or Mt. Sugoroku.

An Aleutian avens colony
at the Karasawa Cirque

Wetlands such as Oze and Mt. Hakkoda offer up colonies of the nikkokisuge (Nikko day lily) and other wetland flowers.

There are species such as Hayachineusuyukiso (Leontopodium hayachinense) of Mt. Hayachine and Kitadakeso (Callianthemum hondoense) of Mt. Kitadake that can only be seen in a certain place during certain time of year.

(Leontopodium hayachinense)

Flowers in the mountains are their most beautiful for a very short time. The best time to see them is during the two weeks or so after they bloom, though this depends on their location and elevation of the mountain.

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