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Mountains formed by Volcanic Activity

Unlike the Himalayas or the Alps, which were formed by the collision of continental plates resulting tectonic uplift , many of Japan’s mountains are formed by volcanic activity. Although volcanoes do have their own unique sights to enjoy, whether it is stunning crater walls or calderas that spew smoke and gas, the danger of an eruption must always be kept in mind .

Make sure to check the volcanic warnings issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency when planning a hike. Access restrictions are put in place when the Volcanic Alert Level is Level 2 or above on the five-level scale. Should this occur, you will be unable to hike to the summit. Keep in mind that even if the Volcanic Alert Level is Level 1 there is a need to be careful when passing downwind of fumaroles.

We also recommend that you carry items such as a helmet to protect your head from material ejected from the volcano in the event of a sudden eruption and a mask to protect your airways from volcanic ash and gasses.

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