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Tanzawa Omote-one Ridge Traverse

A diverse traverse with epic views.
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    1Day / 6.5Hours
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Most of the Tanzawa mountain range (Tanzawa-sankai) extending about 40 kilometers from east to west in northwestern Kanagawa Prefecture has been designated as Tanzawa Oyama Quasi-National Park. Omote-one Ridge is the collective name for the range extending southeast from the highest peak of Mt. Tonodake (Tohno-dake). There are lots of great views throughout this rocky area. The route showcased here goes from the high altitude Yabitsu-toge Pass to Mt. Tonodake and descends via Okura-one Ridge (Ohkura-one) with little impeding the trail.

There are toilets and shops at Yabitsu-toge Pass where the bus stop is located. Walk for about 25 minutes on the paved road, and you will arrive at the trailhead. There's a toilet there, too.After ascending through mixed forest you'll arrive at the first peak, Mt. Ninotou. It's about for about one and a half hours from Yabitsu-toge Pass.

Descend for a while, hike up the wooden stairs, and you will reach Mt. Sannotou in about 30 minutes. There's a rest house at the open summit. Once you descend from Mt. Sannotou and ascend again, in about 30 minutes you will reach Mt. Karasuo (Karasuo-yama) with its triangle-roofed cottage. Continue along the ridge and in about 30 minutes you'll reach Mt. Gyojagadake.

From there you descend via a rock ridge with chains. Cross the bridge over the col, and ascend the rocky ridge, boardwalk, and wooden stairs. About 50 minutes from Mt. Gyojagadake, after the trail joins the ridge from the northeast, you'll arrive at Mt. Shindainichi. Proceed along the level ridge and pass Kinomata-goya mountain hut. Cross the bridge over the narrow ridge and make the final steep ascent to Mt. Tonodake. It takes about 40 minutes from Mt. Shindainichi to Mt. Tonodake. The summit is an open space with a great view and an information board depicting the mountains you can see. Sonbutsu Sanso mountain hut is there too.

You then descend via Okura-one Ridge. After about 15 minutes you reach a col and hike back up a wide ridgeline with a boardwalk. You'll descend again after passing Hanatate Sanso mountain hut before entering the forest.
Pass over a level ridgeline and go down a flight of stairs again, and you will reach Horiyama-no-Ie mountain hut. It's about an hour from Mt. Tonodake.

Gently descend through the forest, pass the Komadome Chaya mountain hut, and the trail will turn to boardwalk. Pass Miharashi Chaya mountain hut and descend into the forest. After passing Kannon Chaya (Japanese Soba restaurant and wagashi confectioner), you'll come to a paved road. You'll reach Okura with its bus stop about an hour and 15 minutes after Horiyama-no-Ie mountain hut.

Other Info

Since the Omote Ridge runs through a relatively low shrub zone, the traverse has good views of Mt. Fuji (Fuji-san) ahead of you on sunny days. From Mt. Tonodake's summit you can get a view of mountains including Mt. Fuji and the Southern Japanese Alps, as well as the Pacific Ocean, Miura Peninsula, Izu Peninsula, and more. You may occasionally see wild deer.

High Season:April to May, November to January


The Okura-one Ridge descent doesn't have any dangerous stretches, but it goes down lots of stairs for an elevation difference of over 1,200 meters. October to December offers foliage and a great view of Mt. Fuji capped with snow. The sun also sets early, so when you arrive at Mt. Tonodake check the time and how you feel. If needed, consider spending the night at Sonbutsu-Sanso mountain hut.

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1Day / 6.5Hours
Highest Point
1491m(Mt. Tonodake)
Elevation Gain
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On the Trail


Karasuo Sanso, Kinomata-goya, Sonbutsu Sanso, Hanatate Sanso, Horiyama-no-Ie, Komadome Chaya, Miharashi Chaya, Okurayama-no-Ie


Yabitsutoge Baiten (Store), Sonbutsu Sanso, Hanatate Sanso, Horiyama-no-Ie


Kobono Sato-yu




Tanzawa Omote-one Ridge is located in northwestern Kanagawa Prefecture. It takes approximately an hour and 10 minutes to reach Hadano Station by express train on the Odakyu Line from Shinjuku Station.

From Hadano Station, you can reach Yabitsu-toge Pass in approximately 50 minutes by a Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu Bus. From Okura, it takes 15 minutes on a Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu Bus to the Odakyu Line's Shibusawa Station.



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