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Mountains with Great Hot Springs

Being a country with so much volcanic activity, there are hot springs in virtually every region of Japan. Japan offers hot spring lovers a wide variety of atmospheres to enjoy, whether it is a major hot spring district lined with inns and hotels or the secluded hot springs of a standalone inn.

Because every hot spring has a unique combination of temperature and mineral content, and therefore different benefits, there are many different ways to visit hot springs. Some visitors travel around and try different type of hot springs while others stay at a particular spot for the purpose to cure for a chronic condition.

In addition to hot spring inns and hotels, Japan also has many day-use hot spring spas that offer only baths, food, and relaxation but do not provide overnight accommodations or require that a guest be staying there. These are generally referred to as hot spring day spas. Many hikers will utilize these facilities to recover after hiking.

Hikers are also able to enjoy hot springs deep in the mountains that can only be reached by foot or the secluded hot springs that are sometimes located at trailheads. We especially recommend enjoying the natural setting of an open-air bath carved out of the surface of a mountain or appreciating the architecture of a historic ryokan, a Japanese style hotel.

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