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From Ashiya Rock Garden to Arima Onsen via the Totoya Trail / Kobe hiking

The most popular route on Rokko Mountains.
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The Rokko Mountains spread over about a 30-kilometer area north of Kobe City, from Shioya in the west to Takarazuka in the east. Mt. Rokko (Rokkoh-san) is the highest peak at 931 meters above sea level. Its prime location near urban centers allows for relatively easy access to the trailhead. With everything from cable car accessible hiking to superb rock climbing, it offers something for a range of skill levels. The most common hiking route is from the Ashiya River (Ashiya-gawa) to Mt. Rokko's summit via the Rock Garden and Kazefuki-iwa Rock, descending to Arima Onsen (Hot spring).

From Hankyu Ashiyagawa Station, follow the signs and walk north through a residential area. After about 30 minutes you'll reach Koza Falls (Kohzano-taki). There are two tea shops there and a toilet.

Ascend the trail beside the waterfall and you will reach the central ridge of an area known as the Rock Garden that's considered the birthplace of alpinism in Japan. You'll proceed for a while along a rocky granite area before it turns to forest and you arrive at Kazefuki-iwa Rock. There's a good view from the top and it's the perfect spot for a rest.

The path from Kazefuki-iwa Rock to Arima Onsen is known as Totoya Trail (Totoya-michi). It was an important transport route for bringing marine products to Arima about 400 years ago during Edo period.

You'll then pass two steep areas, the Amaga-tohge Pass and Nanamagari before arriving at Ikken-jaya, the oldest tea shop on the mountain. Continue up the improved road five minutes from there and you will reach Mt. Rokko's highest peak.

To descend the mountain, return to Ikken-jaya and continue down the Totoya Trail towards Arima Onsen. The trail is wide and gentle, and you'll reach your destination in about an hour.

Other Info

Arima Onsen is considered Japan's oldest hot spring resort. The water contains seven of the nine main constituents of hot springs, making it unique worldwide. The town's inns all have baths, and the day use hot spring facilities of Kin-no-Yu and Gin-no-Yu are open to the public.

Season:All year around


The mountain's more popular trails have signs. Still, as there are numerous trails, be careful when you reach junctions to avoid mistakes. The stony trail through the Rock Garden is not particularly difficult, but you'll want to watch your step while hiking.

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1Day / 4Hours
Highest Point
931m(Mt. Rokko's highest peak)
Elevation Gain
Horizontal Distance
Skill Level
Fitness Level
Gear Level

On the Trail




Arima Onsen, Kin-no-Yu, Gin-no-Yu




Located in southern Hyogo Prefecture, this trail runs from Ashiya City to Kobe City. The Hankyu Kobe Line's Ashiyagawa Station is the nearest station. It's 23 minutes by Tokyuu express train from Osaka's Umeda Station in Osaka. You may need to change to a local train at Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Station.
It's a 30-minute walk from Ashiyagawa Station to the trailhead at Kozanotaki Falls.



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