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Peaks of the Tanzawa Mountains


The Tanzawa Mountains run about 50 kilo meters east to west and about 30 kilo meters north to south.They are roughly divided into Higashi Tanzawa (eastern) and Nishi Tanzawa (western) areas, with the pass between the range's highest peak of Mt. Hirugatake and Mt. Hinokiboramaru to the west as the boundary. You can reach the mountains of Higashi Tanzawa with a train on the Odakyu Line connecting to a bus. For the Nishi Tanzawa peaks it's a long bus ride from an Odakyu Line station, or you can take the JR Gotenba Line.

The diverse range of peaks and valleys with their stunning natural environment and seasonal changes along with close proximity to Tokyo make these mountains popular year-round. The main range of Mt. Tonodake (Tohno-dake) and neighboring Mt. Nabewari are easy to climb and see a lot of hikers.

The beautifully conical Mt. Oyama (Oh-yama) has been climbed as an object of religious devotion since the 12th century, and traces of that tradition still survive on the mountain today.


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