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National Parks of Japan

There are 34 national parks in Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Each park has its own unique characteristic feature from mountains and wetlands to forests and subtropical seas. National parks are designated and maintained by the national government in order to preserve Japan’s iconic natural scenery and to pass it on to future generations.

One of the characteristics of national parks in Japan is that, due to the already-small size of the country, they are made up of a large percentage of privately-owned land. For example, 90% of the land in Ise-Shima National Park is, in fact, privately owned. Within a park areas are zoned with set rules for use. These allow zones to be used for residential, farmland or commercial use, while accomplishing nature conservation and landscape protection. Therefore, another charm of national parks in Japan is to let visitors experience the life, culture, and history of the local people while enjoying the natural scenery preserved as they are.

Yakushima National Park

Although most of Japan’s national parks do not set entrance fees like those of the US or Australia, Mt. Fuji (Fuji-san), Yakushima Island and other parks set their own entrance fee or subsidies for nature conservation in certain areas.

There are many national parks where you can enjoy hiking. For example, the steep mountains of the Northern Japanese Alps are a part of Chubusangaku National Park. The mountains and temperate rain forest of Yakushima Island both belong to Yakushima National Park, most of which is also designated as a World Natural Heritage Site.

If you wish to enjoy the nature and culture of Japan to the fullest, consider a trip to a national park!


National Parks of Japan
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