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The Tateyama Three Peak Circuit Hike from Tateyama Murodo

Trek across a sacred mountain range with a landscape of towering volcanic peaks.
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The Tateyama mountain range (Tateyama-renpo) is located in the northern region of the Northern Japanese Alps. With its peaks first to receive snow from clouds drifting in from Toyama Bay (Toyama-wan) , the Tateyama mountain range numbers among Japan’s snowiest regions. Though small in scale, the mountains have glaciers and the rugged landscapes formed by glacial activity are part of their appeal. The route introduced here traverses three peaks in the Tateyama mountain range: Mt. Tateyama, with its highest peak, Mt. Onanji (Ohnanji-yama); Mt. Jodo (Johdo-san); and Mt. Bessan. This loop hike begins at Tateyama Murodo (2,400 meters), which you can access by public transportation.

From Murodo, follow the level stone-paved road that continues all the way to the Mt. Jodo ridge. Beyond the turn off for the observation point, the path turns into a rocky slope which passes first through a grassy area and then through a stone pine belt. Hike up this path to reach Mt. Jodo, where you will find the remains of a stone building (approx. 70min from Tateyama Murodo).

From here, it’s about a 10-minute walk to Mt. Jodo’s south peak where the Toyama University Tateyama Research Center is located. Descend the rocky slope through the rock pine belt and after about 30 minutes, you will arrive at Ichinokoshi Sanso mountain hut where you will spend the first night.

On the second day, you will set out for Mt. Oyama, hiking up through rows of giant boulders and navigating steep slopes. Along the way, you will see small Shinto shrines at each of the checkpoints, Ninokoshi, Sannokoshi, and Yonnokoshi.

From Ichinokoshi, it’s about an hour-long hike to the Gonokoshi checkpoint where the shrine head office, Oyama-jinja Mine-honsha is located. Walk past the shrine office then climb up the rocky slope to reach Mt. Oyama’s summit where the Tateyama-chojo Mine-honsha (the mountaintop shrine) stands.

From Mt. Oyama, walk along the left side of the rocky ridge and climb back up in the direction of the next peak, which (at 3,015 meters) is the Tateyama’s range’s highest point, Mt. Onanji. There’s a place at the summit where you can take a rest.

From Fujino-oritate, descend the rocky ridge and climb back up the other side. Within about 35 minutes you will reach the summit of Mt. Masago (Masago-dake) where you’ll find cairn.

From Mt. Masago, descend the trail once more. Instead of taking the detouring path, hike directly up the slope to reach Mt. Bessan (approx. 1 hour). From above, you see Suzuriga-ike Pond in the col below, but the view right in front of you is of the mighty Mt. Tsurugi (Tsurugi-dake).

Hike down from Mt. Bessan for about 30 minutes to reach the Bessan Nokkoshi col where the Tsurugi-gozen-goya mountain hut is located.

From Bessan Nokkoshi, descend along a zigzagging path for about 70 minutes to reach the Raicho-daira camping area.

From Raicho-daira, hike toward higher ground for about 40 minutes till you get to the Raicho-so mountain hut. From here, follow the stone-paved path for about 30 minutes to return to Tateyema Murodo, enjoying sights like Rindo-ike Pond and Mikuriga-ike Pond along the way.

Other Info

Located at the start/end point of this route (at 2,410 meters above sea level), Mikuriga-ike Onsen is the highest altitude natural hot spring in Japan.

Looking down from Tateyama Murodo, you can see the sulfur-spewing fumarole known as Jigoku-dani, which is still active. Here, you can sense both the power and the natural blessing gained from volcanic activity.

Best Season:July to early October
If you go to this trail outside of the best season, you should pay attention to weather and trail conditions, as the mountain is located in a snowy area; there may still be snow on the trail in July, and it may start snowing from October. Snow mountaineering equipements and experience are required during the winter season.


Due to heavy snowfall in the area, the public transport offered by the Tateyama Alpen Route only operates from mid-April to late November.

Route Map

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2Days / 8Hours
Highest Point
3015m(Mt. Onanji)
Elevation Gain
Horizontal Distance
Skill Level
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On the Trail


Hotel Tateyama, Tateyama Murodo Sanso, Ichinokoshi Sanso, Kuranosuke Sanso, Tsurugi-gozen-goya, Lodge Tateyama Renpo, Raicho So, Raichosawa Hutte, Mikurigaike Onsen


Murodo Terminal / Restaurant Tateyama


Mikurigaike Onsen




From Tokyo Station, take the Shinkansen to JR Toyama Station (approx. 2 hours). Then, walk from JR Toyama Station to the nearby Dentetsu Toyama Station (approx. 9 min). From Dentetsu Toyama Station take a Toyama Chiho Tetsudo train to Tateyama Station (approx. 1 hour).
From Tateyama Station, take the Tateyama “Cable Car” funicular to Bijodaira Station (approx. 7 minutes) and transfer to a Tateyama Kogen bus bound for Tateyama Murodo (approx. 50 minutes).



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