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Mt. Nabewari, Beginning at Okura (Round Trip) / Tanzawa hiking, Kanagawa

Get your udon noodle fix on this popular mountain.
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The Tanzawa mountain range runs approximately 40 kilometers east-west through northwestern Kanagawa Prefecture. Most of it is incorporated into Tanzawa-Oyama Quasi-National Park. Mt. Nabewari (Nabewari-san) is the highest peak on the Nabewari Ridge (Nabewari-sanryo) that runs southwest from the Tanzawa range (Tanzawa-shumyaku). Nabewari Sanso mountain hut sees lots of hikers who come for their popular specialty, Nabeyaki Udon noodles. This trail starts from Okura (Oh-kura) with its relatively easy access, following the rather flat Nishiyama Forestry Road (Nishiyama-rindo). Other trails lead to the mountain along the Omote Ridge (Omote-one) and from Yadoriki via Mt. Kunugi (Kunugi-san) and Mt. Kurinokido .

A signpost at the Okura bus stop points you down a paved path to the trailhead. From there you walk for a little while along a well-maintained forestry road. There are a number of places where you cross wooden footbridges over tumbling streams. After a time there's another signpost, and the trail splits. Following the trail to the left brings you to a spot called Mizuhizawa Toshoten with lots of plastic bottles filled with water. The main mountain trail is steep and rugged and starts once you pass on from there.

You gradually go deeper into the forest as you hike and the trail narrows as you ascend wooden steps. The landscape gradually changes and brightens as the tree cover opens up when you approach the summit. You'll get a great view of Mt. Fuji (Fuji-san) from there on clear days. You'll also find Nabewari Sanso where you can try their popular specialty, Nabeyaki Udon noodles.

To return, just retrace your steps back the way you came.

Other Info

Early spring is a rejuvenating time for this hike, with verdant greenery and beautiful mountain streams.
The water-filled plastic bottles at Mizuhizawa Toshoten are to supply Nabewari Sanso at the summit. They ask hikers who are physically able to carry a bottle or two with them.

High Season:April to May, November to December


Leeches are common on the mountain after rain and during humid times between May and October. It's a good idea to bring some salt or leech repellent with you. There is a bio-toilet at the summit. Bring a plastic bag to pack out any used paper.

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1Day / 7.5Hours
Highest Point
Elevation Gain
Horizontal Distance
Skill Level
Fitness Level
Gear Level

On the Trail


Nabewari Sanso


Nabewari Sanso, Sakama(Okura trail head)


The hot spring facility Kobo-no-sato-yu is near Tsurumaki-Onsen Station, 3 stops away from Shibusawa Station in the direction of Shinjuku




This hike is in northwestern Kanagawa Prefecture. The Odakyu Line's Shibusawa Station is the nearest station. An express train from Shinjuku Station takes approximately 80 minutes.
From Shibusawa Station, take a Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu Bus to Okura (approx. 15 minutes).



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