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Mt. Kuromi : Round Trip from the Yodogawa Trailhead

Highland Marshes and a Soaring Boulder Peak in Yakushima
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Yakushima is a remote island about 135 kilometers south of Kagoshima. It was recognized in 1993 as Japan's first World Natural Heritage site. Mt. Kuromi (Kuromi-dake) is near its center. There's a rich diversity of vegetation, offering gorgeous landscapes rich in seasonal variation. The summit consists of an enormous granite monolith. A panoramic view of the sea, Mt. Miyanoura (Miyanoura-dake), Mt. Nagata (Nagata-dake), and other peaks will remind you of Yakushima’s remoteness.

Start your hike at the Yodogawa Trailhead. Continue along the relatively level trail through the forest past large stumps and fallen trees. After about 45 minutes you'll arrive at Yodogawa -koya mountain hut.

The real ascent starts once you cross the bridge over the river. In places there are thick tree roots and fallen trees over the trail. As you ascend, you'll reach a lookout with a view of Mt. Koban (Kohban-dake) with its large exposed boulder peak known as Tofu-iwa Rock.

Descend for a short distance and you'll reach Kohananoego, a small wetland. Walk for another 20 minutes and you will arrive at Hananoego which resembles a Japanese garden.

From there it's approximately 25 minutes to the Mt. Kuromi-dake junction. Follow the sign towards Mt. Kuromi. Continuing from there, after a while you'll encounter granite rock with ropes to hold onto as you climb. It's not particularly difficult, just take care and climb at your own pace.

As you approach the summit, there are spots where the trail narrows and steepens, so proceed with caution. About 40 minutes from the junction you'll arrive just below Mt. Kuromi.

Follow the trail to the left of the granite summit and scale the rock with the help of the simple fixed-ropes . A short final walk will bring you to the top. From there the superb 360-degree view takes in Mt. Miyanoura (Miyanoura-dake), Mt. Nagata (Nagata-dake), and Mt. Kurio (Kurio-dake).

Return the way you came.

Other Info

You'll be able to see two highland marshes during your hike to the summit. Kohananoego is Japan's southernmost highland marsh. The moss-covered wetland with its rain and meltwater fed ponds and bone-white trees create a scene not unlike a Japanese garden.

Hananoego has a boardwalk. To protect the environment, leaving it and walking through the wetland is prohibited. From May to June, you can see flowers endemic to Yakushima such as Yakushima shakunage (Rhododendron yakushimanum) and sakura tsutuji (Rhododendron tashiroi Maxim).

High Season:April to June, September to November


When visiting Yakushima with its heavy rains you’ll need proper rain gear. Be aware that when typhoons occur between summer and autumn, transport to the main Kyushu island may be interrupted. Mt. Kuromi's granite summit has no ropes or fences around it, so watch your step.

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1Day / 7Hours
Highest Point
1831m(Mt. Kuromi)
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On the Trail


Yodogo-koya (an unmanned shelter)


Hirauchi-kaichu Onsen




Yakushima is a remote island about 135 kilometers from Kyushu's Kagoshima, which is located southwest of Tokyo. It's approximately 2 hours to Kagoshima Airport from Narita Airport or Haneda Airport, approximately 1.5 hours from Chubu Airport, and approximately 75 minutes from Kansai Airport. Change planes at Kagoshima Airport you'll arrive at Yakushima Airport in approximately 30 minutes. Another option is to take a public bus from Kagoshima Airport Kagoshima's main port. From there take a high-speed boat to Miyanoura Port (approx. 2 hours).
Take a public bus from Miyanoura Port and get off at the Gochomae bus stop (approx. 35 minutes). Change buses there for the Kimotosugi bus stop (approx. 70 minutes). Walk approximately 30 minutes up the road from there and you'll arrive at the Yodogawa Trailhead.



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