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Mt. Hiuchigatake Round trip from Miike Trailhead

A day hike to the peak overlooking Lake Ozenuma.
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Mt. Hiuchigatake is located in southern Fukushima Prefecture's Oze National Park. It has been selected as one of Japan's 100 most famous mountains. At 2,356 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in the Tohoku region. The summit is composed of five peaks around a crater. Lake Ozenuma down below was created as a result of Mt. Hiuchigatake's volcanic activity. The route showcased here is a round trip up Shibayasugura peak, which is the highest peak of Mt. Hiuchigatake. The hike begins at Miike trailhead, the starting point for hikes from the Fukushima Prefecture side of Oze.

Walk along the Ura-hiuchi Forestry Road's boardwalk from Miike trailhead. Take the fork to the left and go up through the conifer forest belt. After a time, there will be a steep hike up a scree slope before reaching a boardwalk passing through a shrub zone. About an hour after leaving Miike trailhead you'll reach a wetland known as Hirosawa-tashiro.

The meadow is dotted with ponds, and a variety of alpine plants bloom in July and August. As you continue along the boardwalk, you'll ascend through coniferous forest again. The boardwalk flattens out briefly and then back to steep again, and you'll enter a broad-leaf forest. About 50 minutes after leaving Hirosawa-tashiro you’ll reach a wetland known as Kumazawa-tashiro.
The boardwalk continues through Kumazawa-tashiro as Mt. Hiuchigatake rises before you.

Traverse a forest belt and hike up a slope with sasa bamboo and stone pine. About an hour and 40 minutes after leaving Kumazawa-tashiro you’ll reach the summit of Manaitagura, one of the Mt. Hiuchigatake peaks.

Descend a scree slope through a stone pine belt and ascend another steep slope, and you will reach the summit of Shibayasugura, Mt. Hiuchigatake's highest peak.

Return the way you came.

Other Info

You might also want to do a 2-hour round trip hike out to Lake Ozenuma from Mt. Hiuchigatake.
You can reach the Numayama-toge Pass with a 20-minute shuttle bus from Miike trailhead.
Near Lake Ozenuma, the Oe Wetland (Ohe-shitsugen) has lots of Nikkoh-kisuge (day lilies) that bloom in mid-July.

High Season:July to September


The area around Oze gets heavy snowfall. Since this route is located on the northern slope, there are areas still covered in snow even in July. Check conditions in advance and bring mini crampons if necessary.

Route Map

Elevation Map

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1Day / 7Hours
Highest Point
2356m(Mt. Hiuchigatake Shibayasugura)
Elevation Gain
Horizontal Distance
Skill Level
Fitness Level
Gear Level

On the Trail


Oze Miike Lodge


Ozen-sato Koryu Center, Mizubasho


Aruza Ozeno-sato




Mt. Hiuchigatake is northeast of Ozegahara in southern Fukushima Prefecture. Either the Tobu Railway's Kinugawa Line or the Yagan Railway's Tokyuu express train from Asakusa Station will bring you to Aizukogen-ozeguchi Station in approximately 3 hours.
Take Aizu Bus's Oze Express Bus from Aizukogen-Ozeguchi Station and you'll arrive at Miike trailhead in approximately one and a half hours.



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