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Circulate Course on Mt. Gozaisho from Nakamichi to Uramichi

Enjoy the popular mountains of the Tokai region on a route full of variety.
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Mt. Gozaisho (Gozaisho-dake) is located on the prefectural border between Mie and Shiga Prefectures, and is a part of the Suzuka Mountains (Suzuka Sanmyaku). The Mie Prefecture-side is a sheer rock cliff of granite and has popular rock-climbing sites such as the Tonai Wall (Tohnai-heki). With the Gozaisho Ropeway providing an easy access to the spot directly under the summit, the mountain is a popular site among tourists and hikers from the Tokai region. This course introduces the route that does not utilize the ropeway, but circulates from the scenic ridge path of Nakamichi to Uramichi, a path through a valley with rich vegetation.

A walk of approximately 50 minutes on the roadway from Gozaisho Ropeway bus stop will take hikers to Nakamichi trailhead.

Hike up the steep slope through the forest until the view clears and pass under the ropeway cable, then the trail turns into a rocky ridgeline. The giant rock called Jizo-iwa, consists of a square rock sitting between the tips of two rock pillars, and is a symbol of this route.

After descending and ascending on the ridgeline several times, hikers will arrive at the rock ridge called Kiretto (gap) in approximately an hour from the trailhead. Continue hiking upward on the chain-supported steep slope and pass through the Fujimi-iwa (Mt. Fuji-overlooking) .

Observatory, and the trail turns into a paved road. It takes approximately 45 minutes to the Uramichi fork from Kiretto. From Uramichi fork to the summit of Mt. Gozaisho, take the paved promenade and it will be an approximately 50-minute round-trip, via Gozaisho Ropeway Sanjo-koen station. Descend through the forest from Uramichi fork, and hikers will arrive at Kunimi-toge Pass in approximately 30 minutes. Take the eastward descend at the fork.

Descend through the trail along the valley interspersed with big rocks and proceed with the view of the rock wall named Tonai Wall on the righthand side, and hikers will arrive at Tonai-goya mountain hut in approximately an hour and 10 minutes.

Descend the gentle slope in the forest and proceed along the mountain stream for approximately 35 minutes and hikers will arrive at Uramichi trailhead, then walk approximately another 25 minutes on roadway passing under the ropeway cable. This will bring hikers back to Gozaisho Ropeway bus stop.

Other Info

Mt. Gozaisho is also known for its beautiful vegetation, such as the cherry blossom and azalea during April and May, the autumn foliage from October to November, and silver frost decorating the trees from January to February, each presenting beautiful contrast with the rock cliff.

High Season:April to May, October to November


Since the Uramichi trail is a descending path along a mountain stream, there have been disasters due to heavy rainfall in the past. Use of the ropeway for the descent is recommended if necessary, depending on the weather and your health conditions.

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1Day / 6Hours
Highest Point
1212m(Mt, Gozaisho)
Elevation Gain
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On the Trail


Ichinotani-sanso, Tonai-goya


Observatory Restaurant Nature


Yunoyama Hot Spring




Mt, Gozaisho is located on the prefectural border between Mie and Shiga prefectures. Take the Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Nagoya Station (approx. 90 minutes). From Nagoya Station, take the Kintetsu special express line to Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station (approx. 30 minutes).

From Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station, transfer to the Kintetsu Yunoyama Line and go to Yunoyama Onsen Station (approx. 30 minutes). From Yunoyama Onsen Station, take Mie Kotsu Bus to Gozaisho Ropeway bus stop (approx. 10 minutes).



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