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Mountains Accessible from Tokyo (Peaks in the Kanto Region)

Roads and railways fan out from the heart of Tokyo to the regions outside the capital, enabling smooth transit. If you're staying in the city you can do some great day hikes in the mountains, leaving your heavy luggage back at your accommodation.

Mt. Takao is a popular mountain with the locals, with easy access to the trailhead in approximately an hour from central Tokyo via the Keio Line. You can reach the Tanzawa mountain range (Tanzawa-sanchi) in a little under two hours heading southwest on the Odakyu Line from Shinjuku. Many mountains await to the north via JR trains, including Mt. Tanigawa and Mt. Nasu.

It's also easy to access Mt. Fuji, the nation's highest peak from Tokyo. While you can reach it with a combination of train and bus rides, there are buses that run directly from the city center to the trailheads too.


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