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Mountains of Shikoku


Shikoku is one of the islands that compose the Japanese Archipelago and is located in the area surrounded by the regions of Kansai and Sanyo, as well as the island of Kyushu across the Seto Inland Sea (Seto-naikai).

The Shikoku Mountain Range (Shikoku-sanchi) runs east to west through the center of the island. The range can be roughly divided into the Tsurugi Mountain Range in the east, and the Ishizuchi Mountain Range in the west.

The Ishizuchi Mountain Range (Ishizuchi-sanchi) includes Mt. Ishizuchi (Ishizuchi-san), the highest peak at 1,982 meters elevation in Western Japan. Although Mt. Ishizuchi is a steep rocky mountain, Mt. Kamegamori and Mt. Sasagamineare extensive highlands covered with bamboo grass.

The Tsurugi Mountain Range (Tsurugi-sanchi) is located on the prefectural border of Tokushima and Kochi. Mountains higher than 1,600 meters in elevation gather around Mt. Tsurugi (Tsurugi-san) , the highest peak at 1,955 meters elevation. The bamboo grass-covered ridgeline exhibits elegant scenery unique to Shikoku.

Both Mt. Ishizuchi and Mt. Tsurugi are also known as the place for Shugendo ascetic practices and as the object of faith for mountain worship. Shikoku is also famous for Shikoku Henro, the pilgrimage route through 88 shrines, and is an area closely tied to religious faith. Hiking through such routes for pilgrimages and countryside forest is another charm of Shikoku.

Islands on the Seto Inland Sea also have many routes for hiking with great ocean views.


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