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The Sobo-Katamuki-Okue Mountain Range


The Sobo-Katamuki-Okue mountain range and surrounding area straddling Oita and Miyazaki Prefectures has developed a diverse and precious ecosystem with its unique natural beauty and distinctive topography and geology. The people living in the region have long respected and protected this rich nature while making good use of the bounty it offers.

The region offers unique scenic beauty, including rocky ridges from volcanic activity in every direction, and magnificent cliffs and beautiful low hill valleys that capture the attention of visitors.

Famous for its steep mountainous terrain and magnificent ridgelines, the Sobo-Katamuki-Okue mountain range has a complex topography and geology, including undulating rocky peaks, precipitous cliffs, and a network of gorges running through valleys, creating a unique and seasonally changing landscape that delights all who visit.

With its sharp ridgeline and sheer rock face, the ruggedly shaped Mt.Sobo evokes awe among the people of the region. The name "Katamuki" means tilting, and was given to this mountain because it tilts toward Mount Sobo. Its special feature is its magnificent rocky peak. With its stunning granite cliffs, Mt.Okue becomes adorned with Akebono azaleas every spring.

There are still many natural forests at high altitude in the Sobo-Katamuki-Okue mountain range, where a wide range of vegetation from warm temperate to cool temperature can be found depending on the mountain height. It is a precious area, home to many rare plants and animals with limited areas to live such as the Japanese serow, a special natural monument, and the so-called Sohayaki group of plants, said to reveal the origins of the Japanese archipelago. These rare species are endangered so we need to protect their habitat environment.


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